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Posted on Nov 19 2012 - 3:13am by Jacob

Cruise Travel

Cruise travel is not only a way to sail the sea in luxury. It was also the best way to explore places, learning about culture acculturation and culinary in a beautiful nature landscape.
There is something magical when you watch the unlimited ocean from the ship. Hundreds years ago, Marco Polo maybe standing in your position right now, on the end of deck with his unique hat.
Cruising is both traditional and futuristic way to travel. Various itinerary and luxury facility that a cruise ship has won’t make your bored. Besides, you can only see the best travelling location in this world from your ship deck.
There are 5 places in this world that was best to explores with cruise ship just like it was list on Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday

1. Alaska
Imagine enjoying sunlight at 10 pm in summer time. It was almost midnight and the sunlight comes from the reflection of geyser of the mountain. Summer is the best time for Alaska Cruise where you can see North Pole landscape and animal such as pole eagle and shark.
You can start the journey from Vancouver, Seattle or San Francisco. Hundreds of cruise ship starts sail from Mei to first September each year, with different itinerary and time line. If you take one week for your cruise time, then you can stay in several places where you can do some exploration such as Bear watching in Ketchika, old fort in Sitka, and ice surfing in Mendehall Geyser.

2. Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean is the most famous cruise destination in the world. The Country that located near it was amazingly exotic; just name it there are Greek, Italy, Turk, Spain, Tunisia, Cyprus and Albania.
Tourist can come to ancient harbor city like Veneice , Athena, Istanbul, and Monte Carlo. Take a trip around the town, sun bathing, visiting iconic architecture and have a taste for local food. Mediterranean trip is the way to combine nature trip with culture, language and culinary.
Small Island in Mediterranean Sea has white sandy beach, palm tree and deep bluish green color sea. Balearic Island in Spain, Tunis in Tunisia, Limassol in Cyprus and Sarande in Albania is part of popular destination that you don’t want to miss.

3. Asia
Trip in Asia was more than sailing in ocean but also in their river. Take the entrance in South China Sea; you will enter Chao Phraya River that becomes the center of Thailand, as Bangkok capital city.
Watch the exotic Vietnam view in Halong Bay before you come to Saigon River that passes South Vietnam. Then you will back to north with the skyscraper building in Hongkong. You will enjoy unique culture on each harbor that your cruise ship put anchor like Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Taiwan and South Korea.

4. Caribbean Sea
Caribbean Sea famous for the clear blue sea where it becomes the habitat of sea creatures. Exotic islands with white sand and lines of palm tree, along with volcano mountain that will hypnotize you.
Caribbean was also the tourist destination that combines culture, culinary and local people hospitality. There are coastline area in Caribbean where in north Caribbean you can find Greater Antilles with Cayman Island and four big island of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico while in South Caribbean there are Lesser Antilles with smaller islands that was unpopulated and untouched.

5. Australia
Every year, hundreds of cruise ship from USA and Europe put anchor in Sydney. From here, they can move to another destination surround Australia and New Zealand.
Feel the atmosphere if metropolitan city in Melbourne, Auckland, and Brisbane and don’t forget the elegant of Wellington. Enjoy your journey through the harbor city in this Kangaroo country.
Remember that Australia was more than just Landscape. It has Great Barrier Reef as the most popular cruise ship destination in Australia. You also can visit Kimberleys wild life in West Australia and spectacular waterfall in Milford Sound, New Zealand.

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